I combine my ham radio hobby with my interest in electronics. Therefore, it is not so much a shack, but an electronics lab with a bunch of radios in it.

I also have a website about my electronics hobby, where I post video's about my projects.

the radios

the work station

the bench


This is my experimental APRS fill-in digipeater PE1RXF-10. I use it mainly as a central server for a cluster of logging devices in my garden. These measure temperature and humidity of the green houses. Just for fun, and only when I am around.

It is in range of the local APRS digipeater DB0PBG-5 and it only relays messages from PE1RXF*.

The digipeater uses a Baofeng UV9RPLUS hand held radio, outputting about 1 Watt. It is connected to a home build dipole antenna. A home build interface with USB sound card connects it to a Raspberry Pi running APRX software.

Go to my electronics website (in dutch) for more information.

the digipeater

the inside

prototype APRS logger

Design files APRS logger

including description of APRS sub layer protocol, KiCad files and source code of firmware

Fun in the garden with 2 meter SSB

I am not really a DX-er, but once in a while it is good fun!

the field station

answering cq


You can contact me by sending an e-mail to mees at the domain name. You are probably a nerd, so you know what that means...
Are you a HAM? Try to contact me via the air. My call sign is PE1RXF.
When I am available, you can find my current status on any APRS map and at the bottom of this contact section. I also regularly check my Winlink e-mail box.