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Digital networks

I am mainly interested in digital communication. APRS, LORA, JS8CALL and HamNet to name some examples.

My take on security and encryption on HamNet

The law in the Netherlands states that encryption is not allowed (Artikel 10f. Regeling gebruik van frequentieruimte met meldingsplicht 2015). It also states that a HAM operator should make sure no unauthorized person can operate the transmitters (Artikel 10a. Regeling gebruik van frequentieruimte met meldingsplicht 2015). So I choose to set WPA2 security on my HamNet links, preventing unauthorized access to the network and thus operation of my transmitters. But I do not use encrypted protocols like ssh and https on the air links. Want to listen in? My network is a sub-net of the global HamNet network (44.137.x.x). So, if you have access to HamNet, you should be able to access my sub-net. Or even better, want to make a point-to-point RF connection? Ask me for the passphrase and log onto the network. You than have my permission to operate my equipment, complying with Artikel 10a and Artikel 10f. Of course, you have to be a licensed HAM radio operator and should have the right equipment.

The SSID of the network(s) contain my callsign, complying with Artikel 10c en d. Regeling gebruik van frequentieruimte met meldingsplicht 2015


This is my experimental APRS fill-in digipeater and RX iGATE PE1RXF-1/PE1RXF-2/PE1RXF-3. It is in range of the local APRS digipeater DB0PBG-5 and it relays only messages from PE1RXF*.

The digipeater has radios on three bands: a Baofeng UV9RPLUS on 144.800 (1 Watt), a Yaesu FT-4X on 432.500 (0.5Watt) and a LoRa radio on 433.775 (0.1Watt). It utilizes a Raspberry Pi Zero running APRX software with some additional custom software.

Go to my electronics website for more information.

It should be possible to send me APRS messages, so please do! That way I can test my software even better. I will try to send a message back.

the digipeater

the antennas

prototype APRS logger

Winlink (packet and LoRa)

This is a prototype for experimenting with Winlink over 1200bps AFSK and LoRa.

Build around a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W it has a build in LoRa module (SX1278) and a 1200bps AFSK modem. Go to my electronics website for more information.

the Winlink server


You can contact me by sending an e-mail to pe1rxf at the domain name. You are probably a nerd, so you know what that means...
Are you a HAM? Try to contact me via the air. My call sign is PE1RXF.
When I am available, you can find my current status on any APRS map. I also regularly check my Winlink e-mail box.