De Pinephone

Deze blog over mijn ervaringen met de Pinephone is in het Engels. Dit doe ik omdat het een internationale community is en Engels de voertaal is. Wees niet bevreesd: mijn reguliere projecten inclusief video's blijf ik in het Nederlands publiceren.

The Pinephone as my only phone

or how I finally own a smart phone

I never owned a smart phone and I never missed having one, as I am not into social media.

But I do like computers, so when the beta version of the Pine phone became available, I ordered one straight away. Maybe an Android device and an iOS device are both technically computers, without rooting them, you are not allowed to use them as such. And even when rooted, what can you do with them, without big tech knowing?

The Pine phone is different: it is not a smart phone, it is a computer running Linux. Even better: it is your computer running Linux, as you have sudo rights out of the box!

This blog describes my first steps trying to write an application for the PinePhine. Most tutorials assume you are already an experienced coder. But I'm a noob, so I had to figure out a lot of stuff that is obvious to the senior. So, if you are new to Linux application development for the graphical user interface, I hope you can learn from my struggles.

Playing with the PinePhone

Playing with the PinePhone

Day one, the arrival

Writing an app

Hello World

1: Doing something usefull with the phone.

Hello GNOME World

2: A GNOME application

Oh! I C

3: Writing in C.

Black Magic

4: Bluetooth LE bonding.

It works

5: Version 0.0.1.